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Essential oils are concentrated essences acquired from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or other parts of plants. Essential oil uses range from medicine, household cleaning products, food, personal beauty care (cosmetics) and aromatherapy. We do not realize but most of the items that we use daily contain essential oils. EFECAN's geographic location in Turkey adds an advantage of being close to its suppliers. As EFECAN, we continuously work close with our local farmers and check to make sure it meets international standards. We will bring you the best in the market with the competitive pricing.

We are your source to 100% Pure & Natural essential oils. Conventional and Organic products are both available.

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Season Your Favorite Meals With All Natural Oregano

Oregano, an amazing herb, is considered to be the cure for almost everything, as it has great antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial potential. It is extremely benefical from the nutritional perspective: rich in dietary fiber, great source of minerals and vitamins, high in antioxidants. Botanically, it belongs to the Lamiaceae family, in the genus; Oregano, and has different species world-wide.Turkey, one of the big exporters, is known for the 'Turkish Oregano'. Cultivated and wild-grown species are available across the whole country. As EFECAN, we aim to bring you the best quality natural oregano with competitive pricing and on-time delivery. EFECAN is happy to offer conventional and organic oregano herb, available with 1 to 3 % volatile oil content. Custom-made orders are also available upon request.
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Efecan, founded in 2011, is a manufacturer of essential oil and oregano herb based in Anamur / Mersin, Turkey. Efecan is proud to have one of the largest essential oil manufacturing facility in Turkey. Efecan strives it's best to meet customer's demand with the "custom-made" factor. Efecan is in the business of providing high-quality 100 % PURE & NATURAL products for our esteemed customers and committed to supporting sustainability.

Our long-standing relationship with local farmers ensure that we will bring the best of the market to our valued customers.

Efecan is continuously challenging itself and keeping up the latest technology to bring superior quality that meets international standards and product to its customers with timely manner service.



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