We manufacture with the planet in mind aiming for ultimate sustainability.

As Efecan Ingredients, we take all the necessary steps towards achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for all. As a company, we do our best to protect our environment and we make sure that our raw materials are renewable and sourced in the most responsible way to produce our all natural ingredients.

All of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals ( are critically important to us and we support all. As a company, we have identified below goals to be able to add more value to every step of our supply chain.

• In our investment plans, we plan to create a water collecting pool system to collect and store all the rainwater received in our LBG factory land.

• In three years, we will complete our solar panel systems which will help us get close to our goal of being a net-zero LBG facility.

• Oregano and laurel leaves that are available as wild grown plants are harvested with the permission from the government. A land that is harvested will not be harvested again in the next three years to protect the habitat and give the necessary time for the land to restore itself. We support and work closely with the local authorities to prevent over harvesting.

• We currently use all of our bio mass coming from our distillery to produce energy. This accounts for 50% of our annual fuel needs to create steam.

As a company, we are up for the challenge and have the leadership ability to meet the goals of the UNDP for a better World.

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